Mini Bullet Blue

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Mini Bullet Blue are those ting cute sex toys that you probably already know about, the kind most women adore!!! They're unintimidating, pocket size and if you never tried masturbating with a little help from a vibrating friend they're the perfect place to start.
Bullet vibrators are a sex toy staple, whether you're new to toys or a pro.They're easy to use, simple to clean, and inexpensive. They are also added advantage of being small and very discreet.
Bullet vibrators can be use directly against the clitoral hood or clitoris, depending on how sensitive their anatomy is can be use elsewhere too.
Use it on other body parts too pressing the vibrator against your other erogenous zones, such as your nipples, inner thighs, or perineum you know, that bit of flesh between your vagina and butt.
A word of warning though - because of their shape most bullet vibes aren't safe for anal use ( because they don't have a flared base, which means they could get lost inside, so keep your explorations external.)

Key Features:

  • Material: Smooth feel 

  • Product Size: 3.5cm, Φ1.5cm

  • Product Weight: 0.050kg

  • Features: 7 Vibrating Functions, Waterproof, Quality tested, Batteries included.